Remote Monitoring Plans

Our remote monitoring services help you to stay on track as you follow our treatment plan, thus improving control over your health over a sustained period.

All you need to do is:

  • Enter your readings in your trackers as instructed.
  • The values will be reviewed by your healthcare provider and you will receive feedback online.

Payments for the services can be made online. Call us at +917890565656 if you have any questions.

Acute Diabetic Control
This Service is for Acute Diabetic who want continuous monitoring
Monitoring health trackers

On subscribing to this package, you will be required to report the test readings for the following trackers.

Trackers Reporting by Patient** Frequency of Monitoring and Review
Blood Sugar
**General Instructions to Patients
  1. In Case of Emergency report to you nearest clinic
  2. Have you breakfast at 9 AM